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Metal Gear Solid Icons and Graphics

the other mgs icon community

The Other MGS Icon Community
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Port Two

There is mgsicons and now mgs_icons. You're probably wondering why I made this place if there already is one. There really isn't anything different about this one except appearance and tags.

And to be perfectly honest, the name was free. So I took it. I figure, the worst that will happen is this will turn into where I keep my icons. But if by some off chance, other people want to use it? That's fine by me.

I just wanted a place that you can easily find icons by character, game or what have you. So I made one.

Accepted Content:

Icons, graphics, banners, gifs, and other MGS resources(such as screenshots, official images, fanart, doujinshi... that kind of thing. But that is not the main focus of the community). Material MUST be MGS(MG, MG2, MG!A, MPO, etc) related. Non-MGS material will be deleted.

Keep all images heavy posts behind a cut or fake!cut. Previews of one to six images are acceptable.

For artists, you can post permissions to use your art here.

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